System IB.Tachograph (IB.TAHO) is a complete software (Windows desktop based) solution for driver activity tracking suporting both digital and analogue tachographs. It is developed by Croatian company, . System uses reliable Firebird SQL database server together with client applications that can be used on all Windows systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8).

System is available primary on Croatian and other transition markets with similar languages (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia - which, all are transition countries and have lot in common, for example still having many trucks and busses with analogue tachographs and drivers using tachocharts), but our plans include limited and complete localization on-request! There are no limitations in number of drivers, vehicles or any other data sets - meaning our licence includes unlimited data support (may be limited with operating system limits). Licencing is made on "per-seat" base - each PC used in the system must have valid licence!

Since international version (translated and supporting multi-language) is not available yet, we just offer two image galeries with screenshots of our system - executed on Windows XP and new Windows 8 system.

Also, please check our free tools featuring functions for tachograph support: IB.TCR as free solution for downloading driver tachocard directly with standard smart-card readers (creating .ddd file with all required activity data), and IB.ATR - our free/testing solution for digitalization of analogue tachocharts. Both are available at this web pages (or direct link for download Setup, 3.36MB).

Currently, we developed advanced IB.TCR solution on-demand for one European partner - in addition to functions available in previously described free solution, it implements digital signing of downloaded data, card download date update and support for queued server upload (both FTP and HTTP supported). This solution is available on-demand and can be fully customized for your usage (if being reused for your customers). Based on our experience in development of tachograph related software we are able to provide you with full support and professional development services. Prices are negotiated via e-mail based on your requests!

Windows XP - user interface of IB.TAHO

Tahografi - main window Tahografi - author details Tachograph - driver menu with direct access to key functions Drivers menu - selector Group reporting - multiple reports with single click Simultaneous tachochart editor (same driver, vehicle, successive dates Fast AETR attestation creation (obligatory in EU) Import and reliable and fast database warehouse for driver activity data (from .ddd digital files) Vehicle unit data read and visualization Activity detection from scanned tachochart files (single or two charts per A4) Calendar activity view Different view types for driver activites - tabular, graphical On screen and printed graphical activity overview for unlimited time periods Analitic activity view Simple and usefull driver activity stats Standardni tablični pregled evidencije radnih aktivnosti - ispis izvještaja sukladno Pravilniku, noćne vožnje...

Windows 8 - graphical user interface

Tachograph software - main window Tacho - about software producers Driver menu with direct links to all important functions and views Preferences/Setting for tachochart read and activity detection Multidriver reports (company, group, manual selection) Interpretation and visualization of vehicle unit tachograph .ddd file Čitanje i grafički prikaz brzine vozila, očitano iz tahografa vozila Brza izrada AETR potvrda za vozače (za slobodne dane tj. dane u kojima ne voze - obavezno u HR i EU!) Učitavanje .ddd datoteke s podacima s digitalne kartice vozača (skidanje podataka s kartice podržano IB.TCR autorskim rješenjem) Pregled podataka o aktivnostima vozača očitanim iz .ddd datoteke - mogućnost provjere prije ubacivanja u evidencijski sustav Pregled podataka o vozilima koje je vozač koristio (digitalni tahograf, kartica vozača) Automatsko očitavanje (digitalizacija) podataka sa skeniranog taholistića (analogni tahograf) Kalendarski pregled evidencije radnih aktivnosti Izvještaj o korištenju vozilaIzvještaj o korištenju vozila pripremljen za ispis Tablični i grafički prikaz radnih aktivnosti vozača Grafički prikaz radnih aktivnosti vozača za željeno razdoblje, mogućnost ispisa na pisač Izrada izvješća sukladno Pravilniku o prijenosu podataka o radnom vremenu mobilnih radnika i o vođenju evidencije, NN 43/09

System IB.TAHO supports all Windows operating systems - XP, Windows Visa, Windows 7 i Windows 8!

Check our poster from poster session on ICIL2012 conference (A1 poster, english) - related to published paper about system development PDF document, 1.46MB PDF, 1.46MB